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Atta And Flour

Model: 1283
Rotis or chapatis have been an indispensable part of every meal in the Indian culture. Aashirvad atta is rich in Fiber content, which keeps you fit and healthy. It also offers various other nutrition benefits...
Model: 1284
Aashirvaad select sharbati atta that is made from 100 percent Madhya Pradesh sharbati wheat that absorbs more water than other grains, making the final rotis softer for a long period of time...
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Model: 1285
Aashirvaad Superior MP Atta is made from 100 percent mp sharbati wheat that is harvested exclusively in 7 districts of Madhya Pradesh. Here the golden fields are sun kissed to perfection and showered by the right amount of rain. This is why each grain has a golden sheen and is heavier in feel. Aashi..
Model: 1302
Annapurna atta provides wholesome tasty nutrition to the family. Annapurna atta continues to promise soft tasty rotis as it is made from the choicest of grains, brought fresh from the farms, cleaned and packed in the most hygienic conditions...
Model: 1017
Elite Rice Puttupodi is made from fine quality rice powdered to perfection, retaining the texture required to make fine and tasty puttu for you to enjoy. Inquiry Now. Share. Related Products. Rice Idly Rava. Roasted Pathiripodi. Appam Idiyappam. Ragi Putt .....
Model: 1026
Puttu is kerala's favorite breakfast dish. Chemba puttu is a steamed dish made from chemba rice flour layered with grated coconut. It is the healthiest way to start your day...
Model: 1025
Elite Rava is wealthy in fiber and very healthful. It creates a very healthy and is very strong and good for people who are on diet. It is utilized widely in the kitchen for preparing a amount of dishes. It is very tasty to prepare and enjoy it...
Model: 1024
Elite?s samba broken wheat is highly nutritious and has high ratio of calcium, vitamins and iron that takes care of the nutritional requirements of your body. Easy to prepare, it serves as an ideal ' healthy n tasty'any time meal...
Model: 1538
Harima corn flour unravels the cornflour for your delicious dishes. Its efforts are unique and exemplary. The story started with a humble beginning as family run business which now has transformed into a professionally managed organization having roots across india...
Model: 1120
Manna Red Rice Puttu Powder is a healthy breakfast item in a South Indian menu. Manna Puttu Powder is specially processed flour from red rice, suitable for delicious puttu, so that you can start your day in a healthy way, with a traditional touch...
Manna Rice Flour அரிசி மாவு
-30 %
Model: 1713
Manna rice flour is specially processed using pure and selected variety of rice. Made of whole grain rice, hence it has all nutrients intact. It can be added to a variety of recipes such as idly, dosa, puttu, kozhukattai, paniyaram, appams, murukku, adhirasam etc...
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Model: 1764
Naga chakki atta is made of zero per cent maida and 100% atta, which makes it extremely nutritious since its packed with health benefits. This also means more fluffy and soft rotis at home. Naga atta is also made from the best grains - heavy on the palm, golden amber in colour and hard in bite. It i..
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