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Dairy And Ice Cream

Model: 1272
Aac ghee rich in complex carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, essential minerals and fatty acids, it is a perfect mix of taste and nutrition..
AAC Ghee Jar
-13 %
Model: 1273
The tins are lacquer-coated to give extra shelf life and to prevent rust formation and aluminium foil sealing is made in order to prevent leakages. The entire package is barcoded for easy tracing. AAC ghee is available in three varieties: Pure Cow Ghee (Granulated)..
₹120.00 ₹138.00
Model: 1181
Clean and farm fresh eggs. These are one of wholesome and cost-effective foods. You can bake enjoyable cakes, cookies, scones etc. With eggs; try your hand over at family pasta as well. It is twisted boiled, sunny-side up, deviled or evened. The indian method eggs can be finished in so many unique t..
Model: 1204
Good For Health : Residue Free : No Bad Odour..
Model: 1205
Bigger Eggs : No Injected Harmones to chicks : No Residue..
Model: 1145
Country Eggs are DHA Enriched country eggs that are laid by hens that are free to range lush green pastures, perch, wing flap, dust bathe, stand, lay down and lay eggs without artificial interference in the laying cycles. The feed of the hen is enriched with organic marine algae rich in DHA...
Model: 1488
Desi homemade ghee was an integral part of every Indian cuisine until GRB and udhayam ghee entered the market with its product offering. Today these two brands have become a staple product across every south Indian home and is synonyms for purity, aroma and taste...
Model: 1096
Hatsun Curd is thick, creamy and delicious, Hatsun Curd is the perfect companion for afternoon meals. Especially on hot summer days...
Model: 1093
The succulentHatsun Paneer is prepared under high levels of hygiene using only the freshest of milk cream. Now make your meals even tastier...
Model: 1221
Hershey's milkshakes contain 30% more calcium than that of a glass of cows milk along with essential vitamins A. B1, B2, D2 and E. Also, the milkshakes are available in 5 exciting flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, cookies n cr?me, almond & Vanilla. Share it with your family and friends and enj..
Model: 1635
Smooth and creamy with the full flavour and aroma of juicy coconuts. Kara brings you this ultra high temperature (uht) processed and aseptically packed coconut milk in a handy pack...
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