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Dal And Pulses

Model: 1290
Toor dhal is superior to the regular rajma and has more delicate flavor. These are white in color. Pulses are low in fat and cholesterol, high in dietary fibre and rich in protein. The normal antioxidants in the beans offer numerous health benefits...
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Akshaya Urid Dal
-14 %
Model: 1291
Urad Dal is used as a key ingredient in Indian cuisine for preparing a strong diet. It is a black-skinned, off-white colored lentil with a sturdy flavor that has been split in half. It is a brilliant supply of protein and dietary fibre. It is one of the finest plant sources of protein minerals such ..
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Model: 1360
Chana Dhall is a healthy food with first Quality available at grandgrocer. chickpeas or chana has a lovely nutty flavor. In india it is used to make curries, added to salads and even in dips...
Model: 1065
Green Peas are small, round and green, and are generally harvested in the early summer. It gives delicious taste, as a fresh Green Peas. These are low in calories and contain negligible amounts of sodium, fat and cholesterol...
Model: 1483
Field beans Black are rich supply of protein and simple to digest and cook. It is yummy taste and has high dietary value. It is trouble-free to cook property. This lentil is properly cleaned and is free from foreign material...
Model: 1146
Bengal gram is consumed in the form of entire dried seeds and in the form of dhal, made by splitting the seeds in a mill and separating the husk. It makes a great, healthy snack on the go because they are rich in fiber and protein and low in fat and calories. It is perfect for food preparation into ..
Jeyyam Fried Gram ( Standard )
-17 %
Model: 1622
Jeyyam Fried Gram packs premium quality and trusted taste in every homemaker's kitchen space. Hygienically intact to offer you the finest products, Jeyyam Fried Gram is nutrition-locked and adds that extra special to your everyday dishes...
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Model: 1623
Roasted gram is very low in calories and rich in Iron. We can use this gram in weight loss recipes. Roasted gram is also rich in fiber. The high fiber content in roasted gram helps in promoting a healthy digestive system by lowering the risk of digestive problems...
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Model: 1120
Manna Red Rice Puttu Powder is a healthy breakfast item in a South Indian menu. Manna Puttu Powder is specially processed flour from red rice, suitable for delicious puttu, so that you can start your day in a healthy way, with a traditional touch...
Model: 1714
Soya has the highest protein source providing much needed essential amino acids as per who requirements. Soya, the wonder bean, provides all essential nutrients for all age group. Manna soya nuggets and granules are truly nutritious and delicious food for the entire family. Add soya products everyda..
Model: 1748
Moong dhall is free from any preservatives or chemicals. Can be used to make delicious khichdi, moong halwa and many more dishes. Easy to cook and digest.Make a salted snack with this organic moong dal, enjoy the taste & stay away from the adulterated products...
Model: 1756
Mustard adds a different flavor to food, and is a necessary part of Indian cooking. Urad Dal is one of the richest sources of protein and Vitamin B. It is also known to be good for women due to its high folic acid content...
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