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Model: 1416
Crust & crumb crispy chicken mix mexican special brings to you the authentic flavor of the various indian masala with excellent quality at the affordable price range, thus becoming a household name in every indian kitchen. As the name suggests,crispy fried chicken masala is used to prepare fried chi..
Model: 1419
Instant crispy chicken mix is a ready mix for making crispy and tasty fried chicken at home within just 9 minutes by a convenient way...
Model: 1096
Hatsun Curd is thick, creamy and delicious, Hatsun Curd is the perfect companion for afternoon meals. Especially on hot summer days...
Model: 1093
The succulentHatsun Paneer is prepared under high levels of hygiene using only the freshest of milk cream. Now make your meals even tastier...
Model: 1221
Hershey's milkshakes contain 30% more calcium than that of a glass of cows milk along with essential vitamins A. B1, B2, D2 and E. Also, the milkshakes are available in 5 exciting flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, cookies n cr?me, almond & Vanilla. Share it with your family and friends and enj..
Himalayan Pink Rock Salt இந்துப்பு
-14 %
Model: 1598
Himalayan Pink Rock Salt made from finest quality organically and ethically sourced pink salt. It helps balance body's pH levels.It can regulate the metabolism...
₹85.00 ₹99.00
Model: 1618
Jaggery powder with iron and 8 essential vitamins containing a, c and b group vitamins, it provides a balanced combination of nourishment.They are a good source of potassium, magnesium and fiber, which have been linked to lower blood pressure levels in adults with and without high blood pressure...
Model: 1720
McCain Chilli Cheesy Nuggets are delicious bite sized snacks which are hot and crispy on the outside with a melting cheddar cheese filling and flavourful hit of red chilli and Nuggets...
Model: 1721
It has a great texture fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Just sprinkling a pinch of salt on top of the french fries is enough to make it amazing. It is extra crispy and extra delicious...
Model: 1965
Sumeru wassup masala french fries chilli garlic if you thought french fries were the most excellent thing to occur to you, grow up to wassup chilli garlic fries. A flavour-filled riot that will delight your flavor buds...
Model: 1966
Gives regular fries a hot and tangy makeover with a piri piri flavouring when tossed with the spice mix made from the legendary african birds eye chilli, they make your taste buds tingle...
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