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Readymade Foods

Model: 1064
The widest and most loved range of spice powders and spice mixes from south India...
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Model: 1203
Aval red brings made of premium quality beaten rice considered healthy because it doesn't have any cholesterol and saturated fat. With low sodium content, beaten rice is a strong choice of calorie. And red beaten rice is better than its white range...
Model: 1530
Made with Water and Apple Juice From Concentrate 5% Acidity...
Model: 1553
Harima Tomato Sauce its remarkable flavour comes from the 100 percent real juicy tomatoes that have gone in making it. Its an assured hero for all the snacks, be it samosas, pakodas, noodles or plain roti roll a perfect ally for making wholesome and yummy food. Spread...
Model: 1638
Kellogg's Chocos moons and stars has a taste thats out of this world. Moons and stars shaped chocos mixed with milk create a galaxy in every bowl. Great for breakfast, they make mornings fun, giving kids a great start to every school day...
Model: 1639
Kelloggs chocos webs, brings to you the yummy chocolaty taste of chocos with the amazing shape of webs with spiderman..
Model: 1640
Kellogg's corn flakes with real honey breakfast cereals is enriched with components like Iron and 8 essential Vitamins including A, C along with B group Vitamins. It doesnt contain any cholesterol or trans fats. This product has a tantalizing taste of sweet honey. Corn flakes is one of the healthies..
Model: 1641
Try Kelloggs Muesli for breakfast. Every bite is an explosion of flavour, a real pleasure for your flavour buds. Prepared with a wonderful mix of ingredients from around the world. Its a delightfully tasty start to the day. Every bite is just as healthful as it is delicious. So go on treat yourself...
Model: 1642
Starting your morning with a lovely meal of strawberries and yogurt is truly a dream come true. With Kelloggs Special K breakfast cereals you get the flavours of berries with the crunchy corn and rice flakes too. It also has high levels of Iron, fibre and vitamin that is essential for your body. Thi..
Model: 1644
Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup make the best of taste with a dash of tomato made from handpicked tomatoes, the Kissan fresh tomato ketchup is a smooth textured spread, that makes sure that every dish gets an extra zing. This tomato sauce is free from added colours or preservatives, and is enjoyed by al..
Model: 1228
Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup is a sensorial delight for the taste buds. A perfect ally to make wholesome yet yummy food, spread it on a crunchy cracker, roll it up in a roti roll, pour it on a samosa or noodles and relish its lip-smacking taste...
Model: 1646
Is it easy to pour and use and can be enjoyed with every snack. Turns a boring meal into an empty tiffin. Enjoy it best with samosas, pakodas, noodles or roti roll for an interesting tiffin meal...
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