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Readymade Foods

Model: 1238
Mambalam Iyers Maavadu Pickle Chunks of mango turned into a pickle for those who like to bite into the pickle and not just eat it. A wonderul flavour of summer mango interlaced with all the spices turns this pickle into a riot of flavours with every bite...
Model: 1711
We made traditional methord pickles and thokku ricemix, all our product midium spice level not too spice nor low spicy, delicious, versatitle veritys of pickle bring new and unique flavor profile to your kitchen, we spice up your food like meals, idly dosa, any other dishes,we care about your helth ..
Model: 1712
This sour and spicy reduce of unripe citron done in the traditional South Indian style is a perfect accompaniment for curd(yoghurt) rice, poori and rotis. Keep alive the traditional flavours with Mambalam Iyers of Chennai. From traditional pickles to yummy rice mixes...
Model: 1752
Garlic adds the right amount of taste to make your dish a wonderful culinary experience. It makes any dish exquisite and delicious. Mothers Recipe Garlic Paste is prepared from carefully selected best quality garlic. It is free from any preservatives. This paste enhances the taste of any dish. It ca..
Model: 1691
A chutney powder or podi is an essential condiment found in most of the south Indian households. Each region has their style of making and using this chutney powder. MTR spiced chutney powder has a homely taste and satisfies all...
Model: 1876
Start your day with the health benefits of oat meal Quaker is a popular brand that offers you high quality Oats. Quaker Oats breakfast cereals is enriched with fibre and Protein. Quaker uses 100 percent wholegrain Oats as it is a natural source of Carbohydrates. It helps you increase your energy lev..
Model: 1966
Gives regular fries a hot and tangy makeover with a piri piri flavouring when tossed with the spice mix made from the legendary african birds eye chilli, they make your taste buds tingle...
Sundrop Cocoa Nut Almond Chocolatey Spread
-29 %
Model: 1968
Sundrop Cocoa Nut Almond Chocolatey Spread. Cocoa nut Almond chocolatey spread is rich in Almonds, a source of protein and also has lower sugar (than a similar product. It is 100% vegetarian, has no preservatives, no added colours, just taste and health all your way...
₹210.00 ₹295.00
Model: 2019
Red chilli sauce, a bright red coloured sauce comes with a strong flavour of red chillies. It is made from the spiciest red chillies. The hot and spicy flavour makes your food more tasty making it more sizzling. It adds a characteristic flavour to your food. Wiekfield red chilli sauce can be used as..
Model: 2031
Weikfield?s Peprico Red Pepper Sauce is a fiery sauce made from hot red peppers. This sauce with a rich red colour and characteristic flavour and aroma of red chillies adds an authentic taste to your meals...
Model: 2032
Weikfield sweet chilli sauce gives an Exotic flavour to all food. Be it seafood, poultry, meat, vegetables or noodles. It is also an ideal dipping sauce...
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