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Model: 1328
Omum water has traditionally been used for indigestion for children and even adults. Bison omum water is made with extreme care using state-of-thart technology and is perfectly sage for your children...
Model: 1429
Lighten up your room with the fragnance of comfort, healing, anxiety, stress, confidence, physical vitality and concentration to your mind and soul...
Model: 1430
Camphor is a waxy, flammable, white or transparent solid with a strong aroma. Apart form using it for religious purposes, camphor is also used to relieve pain and reduce itching. It has also been used to treat fungal infections of the toenail, warts, cold sores, hemorrhoids, and osteoarthritis...
Model: 1431
A flagship product by Cycle pure, Cycle Three in One agarbathies is an exquisite amalgamation of love, devotion and prosperity. Fragrances that define the simplicity of life. A pack of Cycle Three in One contains a medley of three exciting fragrances serene lily for devotion just like the serene env..
Model: 1432
Pushkarini agarbathies from Cycle pure is a beautiful amalgamation of herbs, resins and natural oils that are blended together to give a fragrance that is so pure and divine, which lingers long after it has been burnt. Just as bathing in the sacred pond pushkarini, is said to cleanse and purify a pe..
Model: 1433
The classic scent of the fragrant Mysore Sandalwood is captured in sandalum agarbathies from Cycle pure. Mysuru, the land of royalty, grandeur and splendour is also home to precious sandalwood the royal tree, which holds an unmatched position in spirituality and in the world of fragrances due to its..
Model: 1434
Inspired by the spiritual connection and divine aroma, the queen of fragrances ? aptly named as sugandha mallika agarbathies, is an intricately entwined opulent blend of three most sought after varieties of jasmine, mogra, juhi and chameli. A signature fragrance from Cycle pure, that evokes a fascin..
Model: 1435
Vasu varnam sambrani embodies all the cultural tones of india through a vibrant exotic fragrance. The vibrant indian culture manifests itself through a plethora of beliefs, emotions and overarching way of life and all of which are represented through different colours...
Model: 1442
Dheepam lamp oil is the wonderful oil for your lamp. It has a great aroma as well. Not just on a daily basis, but the belief of lighting a lamp also extends to favorable occasions and functions, be it spiritual or social. Lighting a lamp stands for driving away that night. The wick is most important..
Model: 1542
It provides shine and glow to the skin of all type being a deep cleanser and toner. It removes pollutants from the skin. Khadi Mauri Rose water is a mild antiseptic and anti acne also. This products are purely natural and organic, prepared with the best quality natural extracts and ingredients...
Model: 1600
Homelite matchbox big is specialized in providing safety wax match box that are of greater quality. The sticks of this match box burns with one strike with no any sparkle. It is one of the most main things in the family. Counting the number of times matches are used would be a waste of breath. This ..
Model: 1813
Retaining the polish and brightness of the pooja articles after every use forms an integral part of these activities. They must be cared for as they serve a very special purpose in our lives. The hands that take care of them are also equally special. We present to you Navin Shining powder, that is s..
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